It is of undoubtedly great importance for your company to use its limited resources efficiently. The only problem is that time is still not being considered by organizations as a limited resource. According to McKinsey & Company, companies are still thinking of time as an individual problem rather than addressing it as an organizational issue, which is becoming a growing matter of concern.

In Pakistan, HRSG has brought a one-stop digital solution called the “Decibel App”. It is designed to save your company’s time by streamlining routine HR processes.

What is the Decibel App?

Decibel is an HRMS that brings your entire set of business functions and workforce on a single platform. With everything and everyone available inside a single window, it becomes easier for you to manage and streamline processes which otherwise would take hours, or even days. You can manage applications and respond in real-time.

Furthermore, it also makes tasks more convenient for employees. They can find everything from their personal information to their pay-slips and attendance calendar. With Decibel App, your employees can also submit their applications regarding sick leave, vacations, or other concerns.

How does it benefit your company?

Here is how this application can play a key role in your business:

  1. A one-window solution for all employee-HR needs. No need for physical forms and running back and forth as everything is just a click away.
  2. Resolve routinely employee claims on the go, saving more time to be invested in strategic processes.
  3. Administrative processes can be automated.
  4. You get actionable insights via analytical tools which can be used to improve organizational procedures.

Some key features of the Decibel App

The application brings several unique features that can benefit your company.

Marking attendance with ease

This feature allows employees to mark their attendance directly from their cellphone. You can define a particular vicinity within which they can time-in. In case of any discrepancy, the interface includes an option for correction.

Tracking the benefits offered

The Decibel app features a separate section where employees can see the benefits being offered to them. This may include their health coverage and other savings plans. They can also apply for a provident fund or make an OPD claim from within this section.


Offering everything at your fingertips, the Decibel app ensures that your organization and its workforce reduces time spent on basic internal processes. It offers a one-stop digital solution for both, bringing a blend of utmost efficiency and productiveness on an individual and organizational scale.